Frequently Ask Questions

     Why do I pay Franchise Fee?
- The franchise fee is for the system that franchisees are paying for when purchasing a brand.

     What is Turnkey Fee?
- The turnkey fee is inclusive of Cart fabrication, Tools and Utensils, Equipments, initial set of uniforms, and the confidential Operations Manual.

     What is Turnkey Package?
- It is Franchise Fee + Turnkey Fee

     Can I pay the package by instalment?
- No.

     When is the Return Of Investment (ROI)?
- Average ROI is about six (6) to twelve (12) months

     Do you give discounts if I open two or more stores at the same time?
- No. Each brand entails a separate franchise agreement and turnkey package.

     How are you going to spend the advertising Fee?
- The advertising fee is for the System-wide Advertising Fund. This shall be for all marketing efforts across all stores.

     What will be the contract after 9 years?
- Should the franchisee wishes to continue the business after 9 years, upon approval of the franchisor, S/He shall pay the whole amount of the then current franchise fee.

     Will I pay franchise fee again if I open another store?
- Yes, all expansion shall be paying the franchise fee as it shall require a separate turnkey package.

     Do you continuously introduce new products?
- Yes, we have our department who handles the research and development that ensures that we have new products released on schedule.

     What are your franchising support?
- Franchising support encompasses the provision of endorsement documents relevant to location application, pre-opening to grand opening day assistance, Marketing collaterals, consultation, guidance and business review.

     Will you provide trainings?
- Yes, extensive trainings are one of the requirements in franchising our brand.

     How long is the processing of application?
- On average, it is in 5 to 8 weeks.

     How many branches do you now have?
- As of December 2018, we have 240 stores

     How long have you been in the business?
- The Company started in 2010 for Barefruit and JM Shawarma started in 2013

     Who will supply the fruits?
- Barefruit Guyabano will supply the fruits. Aside from our plantation, we support our local farmer partners who continuously provide in all our fruit supplies. These farm partners are all situated in Mindanao.

     Do you have enough supply of Guyabano?
- Yes, we have a good supply of Guyabano to ensure our expansion goals

     Do you have Guyabano plantation? Where it is located?
- Yes, all located in Mindanao, Philippines.

     Can I buy frozen Guyabano alone?
- No, the frozen Guyabano are for store consumptions. You may opt to purchase our readily available juices and other products.

     Do you use Juice powder?
- No, all are products are natural and with no preservatives. We only keep it frozen. A really healthy choice!

     What kind of sugar do you use?
- Currently, we are using sugar syrup and shall introduce coco sugar and honey soon.

     Do you have email address, franchising contact number?

Barefruit Guyabano
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